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WritingCity is a comprehensive K-5 writing and grammar program that includes teacher-friendly tools, engaging lessons and an online publishing platform. Teachers get everything they need to build confident and capable writers.
VocabularySpellingCity is an innovative, game-based website and app used to build K-12 literacy skills in vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing. Educators and families can customize more than 35 engaging activities for students at every learning level, creating their own word lists or using thousands on the site.
Science4Us is K-2 program that delivers digital and real-world science experiences while building literacy, math, and engineering skills. Specializing in the developmental stage and learning levels of K-2 students, lessons are inquiry-based, multisensory, active and imaginative.

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Research-Proven Results

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Automatic tracking and measurement of student learning

“VocabularySpellingCity’s immediate feedback is one of the keys to my students’ success. They don’t have to wait for me to correct their work to know which words require additional practice.”
–Ann Godsea, 5th grade teacher, Estero, FL
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Get strong writing and grammar results

“The lessons are so easy to teach and very intuitive. All the resources are at your fingertips, so there is no need to search for materials to supplement the lessons. Our students enjoy writing each day, and their skills have improved dramatically!”
–Greg Potter, 5th grade teacher (California)
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Online, interactive, and standards-based

“The students love the games, songs and activities. It has captured the attention of our students and they now can’t wait to log in and explore the world of science. I see all types of students interested in science now, and this is simply wonderful.”
–Steven Seage, Cypress Elementary Science Teacher, Pompano Beach, FL
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